New Enrollment Incentives!

From now through September 31, you can start YOUR Thirty-One business and get $50 back to keep your business growing!

To be eligible for the $50 bonus, all you have to do is qualify within your first 30 days! That means you need to sell $1000 in products in 30 days, you can do this by having 2-3 parties!

Also, when you qualify in your first 30 or 60 days you can purchase a $99 qualification kit with over $300 worth of Thirty-One products!

To break down the cost for you: You pay $99 up front for your enrollment kit and get $250 worth of products and business supplies.  You have 3 parties in the first 30 days and sell $1000 in products.  At the end of the month you will get a commission check for $250 and a BONUS of $50.  So far you have earned $300! You then qualify for the qualification kit at $99.  If you subtract the $99 from enrollment, and the $99 from qualification from your $300 income, your take home pay is $102!! Plus you own over $500 in Thirty-One products and for having 3 parties in 30 days, you earn Start Swell rewards which include 250 business cards, 25 catalogs, organizing utility tote and the embroidery swatch kit (a $73 value)

Ask me today how I can help you earn these rewards and incentives!

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About paigeb31

Hello! My name is Paige Brooks. I am an elementary school teacher and an independent consultant with Thirty-One. Please feel free to ask me about my job or our company. I have been married for a year and live on a little farm with lots of animals!
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